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Stairs are an integral part of your home, especially if you have kids and pets running around all the time. It is a complicated process indeed because all the measurements should be accurate and even the choice of stair parts have to be chosen with utmost precision. Rest assured, because we source the different tools, parts, and components from the top suppliers, so that there is no compromise regarding the quality. 

This is the right time to be meticulous because the dimensions are equivalent to being the backbone of the stairs and small mistake might lead to delays and additional expenditures. At Othomerenpvations, we always double check the measurements before, during, and after the project is over. The proportions are formulated by keeping visual serenity and the safety factors in mind. We will also check with the local building codes to find out if there are any limits or restrictions to be imposed on interior stairs in your area. Stairs installation has to be in compliance with the standard requirements. 


Why is stairs refinishing necessary? 

As time passes, the stairs tend to get cuffed, chipped, and scratched, rendering the overall appearance to be hideous. Stairs should always be in top condition with a gleaming polish. Whenever cracks or dents start to form on stairs, they become a breeding ground for bugs, insects, and germs. This is the stage when stairs refinishing is vital. 

We use the latest equipment and technology to repair the affected areas and restore them to their former condition. If needed, we will replace the fixture to make the stairs even sturdier than before. 

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